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Are you looking for a electrician in or around  Clifton Hill ?

We provide a variety of electrical services to both domestic households and commercial industry.  We are fully licensed and are a reputable local company around the area.

We specialize in all things electrical both big and small.  And also offer an emergency electrician service which operates 24 hours a day – 7 Days a week in case you need help after hours.

Our van is equipped with all the tools and materials needed to do any job. Whether your lights need changing,  house needs re-wiring or its a bigger job we are happy to take you on as your preferred electrical contractor in Clifton Hill.

Electricians Clifton Hill have many years experience and always provide quality workmanship. We are fully licensed electricians and customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.


  • Power Point installation
  • Downlights
  • Electrical Switchboard Upgrade
  • Electrical Smoke Alarms
  • Tv hi-fi installations
  • Led Lighting installations
  • Safety inspections

24 Hour Emergency Electrician: 0401 079 332

We always no that accidents happen in the most in convenient times.  And as with all things electrical it can be very dangerous to leave any accident until tomorrow.

We provide a 24/7 emergency Electrician service for all local residents in and around Clifton Hill 3068. Whether it be a busted globe, faulty wire or something else we are hear to help.

Please be advised that after hour calls to permit a higher charge, so if its an everyday item you need help with call during normal hours as it will end up cheaper.

Commercial Electricians:

We have worked with many builders and larger firms in getting there projects completed and finished on time and to bugdet!  We do take on large electric jobs all over Melbourne so please feel free to drop us a line to receive a quote.




Clifton Hill

We service all of Clifton Hill and its 5,790 population. We not only service the immediate suburb of Clifton Hill,  but all of the city of yarra area and Melbourne area.

We also service the surrounding suburbs such as Fitzroy North, Collingwood, Northcote, Fairfield, Fitzroy and others.


Domestic Electrician

What Are Some Common Problems That Electrician Clifton Hill can fix?

If you’ve been having odd problems with your electricity as of late, it’s highly possible that an electrician will be able to sort everything out. As a matter of fact, it’s actually in your best interest to consult with a professional just for your own safety. If left unaddressed, sudden changes to your electrical outlets or appliances could be early signs of major problems that only cause more damage and even personal danger somewhere down the line. Over 1 billion dollars worth of damage are done to homes due to electrical problems each year!

So, What Common Problems Can Electricians Fix?

Virtually any problem you’re having with your outlets or appliances can be solved with the aid of a well trained electrician. Here are some of the most common examples:

1 – Short Circuiting And Circuit Breaker Issues

If you have too many appliances hooked up within a single area of your home, you can easily overload the circuit, thus leading to partial power outages. These situations are also dangerous enough to lead to fires if unaddressed. If you find you’re constantly having to replace the circuits for certain areas of your home, you should definitely consult with an electrician as soon as possible.

2 – Outlets That Don’t Work

If your circuit breakers have been tripped, you may have certain outlets that no longer work. It’s not uncommon for an outlet to stop working even if the outlet beside it is still operational. Again, this is a telltale sign that there’s a larger problem present. You may ignore the problem since only some outlets are no longer working, but it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

3 – Lights That Flicker

In some cases, flickering lights or lamps may merely be a sign of a light bulb that hasn’t been screwed in properly. It can also happen if the lamp’s cord isn’t fully plugged in. You may even need to replace your bulb. If it seems that something else is wrong however, it may be a wattage problem. In any case, an electrician can help you sort out the problem.

4 – Doorbells And Outdoor Lights

Doorbells and outdoor lights that have gone out are often unaddressed since they don’t seem to affect anything indoors. Even if this is the case, there may be another wiring issue at hand. Again, make sure you address the issue with an electrician before it becomes a more widespread problem. The same is true for virtually any other situation you may find yourself in.

Commercial Electrician

Electrician  Clifton Hill Commercial Work

Not only do we take on smaller domestic work but we also love taking on large projects for builders , government organizations & home owners.

As experienced and licensed contractors Electricians Clifton Hill we have fitted out and successfully completed many projects.

We have vast experience with many projects such as:

  • Large Warehouse/Factories/ Industrial lighting
  • Air- conditioning maintenance for retail, commercial shops.
  • Large Re-wiring works
  • Supply & installations LED installations.




Please contact us : 0401 079 332

If you have a service that needs finishing please don’t hesitate to call us! Just keep in mind to have as many details about the job as possible because we can give you a better idea to what your job will cost and need.

We are available 24/7  so anytime and anywhere!